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Alan Aronica


Full Title:

"The bringing into existence of something which did not exist before"

Alan Aronica

Exhibited on AsyncArt 


I would like to thank Thea Frommenwiler for being the muse who inspired this artwork.

Programmable Art 

This digital artwork has been minted as a 1 of 1 non-fungible token on AsyncArt .

It autonomously updates each hour in a 24-hour cycle with a timezone set in Rome.

Programmable Art can be experienced in the Metaverse or exhibited in the physical reality using a digital canvas. 


Beautiful yet fragile, the marble skin of the figure is something that easily fractures under the harsh sun of the desert, a metaphor for the many hardships that we all face in life and that often break us.

The inverse pose changes our perspective and symbolizes the overcoming of our limits. The fractures are mended with lacquer and gold, celebrating breakage as an essential part of the history that built us.

It is from this positive transformation, from the fractures now filled with gold, that flowers blossom, bringing new life and beauty into existence, spreading outward from within, until they reach out even to the desert, ultimately making it a little bit less of a harsh place.

  • Poiesis

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    POIESIS - Metafuturism Digital Sculpture NFT by Alan Aronica on Async Art
  • Manifesto

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    MANIFESTO - Metafuturism Digital Sculpture NFT by Alan Aronica on Async Art