Manifesto of Metafuturism

Metafuturism originates as the discontinuous antithesis to Futurism.

If at the beginning of the twentieth century, technological progress pushed our precursors to celebrate speed as a new beauty that enriched the world, today a century later, speed has become an unsustainable addiction which corrupts us through the feverish rhythms of a society sinking in a vicious circle.

Therefore, while sharing with Futurism velocity as the same subject, the objective of Metafuturism is to discontinue and oppose the intentions of its predecessor. Speed is no longer a beauty to be celebrated but a force that we need to wield back under our control.

We are at the dawn of the Digital Renaissance, leading an isotopic existence where the physical and digital realities overlap and entangle. Unshackled from the limitations and constraints imposed by the material reality, we yearn to explore the opportunities that Digital Art offers as the new evolutionary step of creative and cultural expression. 

Our purpose is therefore to impact society through our Digital Art, and return to exercise a mindful control over the space and time that belong to us.

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