Designer, Sculptor, Metafuturist.

I started the movement of Metafuturism to denouce our relationship with velocity as a struggling society, caught in the vicious circle of its feverish rhythms.

We are at the dawn of the Digital Renaissance, leading an isotopic existence where the physical and digital realities overlap and entangle. Unshackled from the limitations and constraints imposed by the material reality, Digital Art presents itself today as the new evolutionary step of creative and cultural expression.

I believe it to be the task of my generation to take it as a means of impacting society and reshaping our future; as the medium to drive progress and promote positive transformation.


  • BIO

    Alan Aronica is an A' Design Award Laureate, winner in the 2021 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category. In 2019 he graduated as a Master of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA where he was also twice the recipient of the RISD Fellowship Award. In 2017 Alan Aronica graduated in Automotive & Yacht Design at the European Institute of Design in Turin, Italy. His designs have been featured on WIRED and GQ among other publications. His work has been exhibited internationally at museums and events including the 2021 NFT.NYC in New York City, the 2016 Milano Design Week and the MOOD - Museum Of Outstanding Design in Como, Italy.